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What is Solar Photovoltaics?

Solar photovoltaic (also known as solar PV) systems convert energy from the sun into electricity. Solar PV systems can be relatively simple, with their main components being solar panels or modules. Solar panels have no moving parts and therefore require little maintenance. They produce no noise, vibration or pollution.

Solar power is one of the most well-established and reliable renewable energy technologies and is in operation across the world with installed solar capacity now above 32GW globally.

Below is a simple diagram to show how solar PV works.

  • 1. PV Array (usually building mounted)
  • 2. DC side isolation switch
  • 3. Inverter
  • 4. AC side isolation switch
  • 5. Main fusebox
  • 6. High effeciency appliance
  • 7. Meter
  • 8. AC main suply

Rotherdale Solar Park

Rotherdale Solar Park is located near Throckmorton. The site consists of a 2 phase build spanning over a total of almost 100 acres. Phase 1 consists of 20,896 monocrystalline PV 250w panels generating 5.224MW and Phase 2 consists of 46,320 monocrystalline PV 305w panels generating 14.127MW. Based on Ofgem's report the annual average household consumption of electricity is 3300kwh, therefore our solar farm will be able to power over 5800 homes per year and save over 8300 tonnes of CO2.

We have just had planning permission for a phase 3 which will be a further 5mw installation, which we hope to complete over the coming months

Below is an aerial picture of our solar park:

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